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All hand individually set laboratory made diamond CZ simulated pieces.

Shamballa Sale!!

Was $1,800 JMD.

Now $1050 JMD. Free Delivery

5 row Rhodium Eternity cut ring

Was $9,900 JMD.

Now $8,500 JMD. Free Delivery

YAZOLE 2015 New luxury Watch 

$1,900 JMD. Free Delivery .


        Quartz 2015 New luxury Watch
Was $3,500 JMD.
Now $1,900 JMD. Free Delivery

Black & Yellow CZ Diamond Bracelet

Was $6,500 JMD.

Now $4200 JMD. Free Delivery

BM Orbit Presidential Watch  

Was 30,000 JMD.

Out of stock 

Black on Black CZ Diamond Bracelet

Was $9700 JMD.

Now $6500 JMD. Free delivery

Iced Rosary Praying Necklace

Was $5,000 JMD.

Now $3,000 JMD. Free Delivery

Lemonade Diamond Cross Ring

Was $4,500 JMD.

Now $3,000 JMD. Free Delivery

Iceberg Jewels has the best in hand set lab made CZ Diamond earnings of all colors. Be sure to check out our new canary yellow Diamond earnings, it makes the perfect gift.

Why lab Made Diamonds?

Want to learn more about lab made jewelry? Click the link below to watch a short video.

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